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LinkPhysics Corporation

LinkPhysics is the major supplier of Material analysis, Cryogenic, Magnetic, Vacuum and other related equipments to the Scientific, Research markets. We not only provide world class products sourced from many American, European companies, but also provide our customers with thorough and all-embracing solution and service.

All of our customers from academic institutions and government agencies through to commercial researchers - are provided with the highest levels of service backed up by solid technical support from our team of experienced engineers. LinkPhysics understands the real needs and wants of researchers and connects them with most innovative solutions, yet competitive in all aspect. So that we could find ways to tap into the vast local market potential for our principles.


To act with professionalism and integrity. To continue to be a trusted partner of our principals and customers. We think long-term, we act fast, we build capabilities and deliver solutions. We make the difference for our customers and principles, every time. We value teamwork and contributions of every individual. We empower our teams to act proactively, to deliver and to excel.


  • Material analysis:

  • Vibrating sample magnetometer, Hall effect measurement system, Material Measurement system (capacitance, impendence, I-V curve)

  • Cryogenic platform:

  • Variable temperature Cryostat (Lhe or LN2 or Cryogen free style), He3 Cryostat, Dilution Cryostat, probe station, Dewar, G-M and pulse tube Coldhead and compressor, Stirling cooler.

  • Low temperature measurement equipment:

  • Low temperature sensor, controller, monitor and transmitter, current source and all kinds of wires and cables and low temperature accessories.

  • Magnetic platform:

  • Helmholz Coils, Electromagnet and Supper conduct magent.

  • Magnetic field measurement equipment:

  • Hall gaussmeter and probe, Fluxmeter and Fluxgate meter

  • Vacuum equipment:

  • All kinds of pump including mechanical pump, turbo pump, Cryogenic pump, gate valve, vacuum feedthrough.

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